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Caribbean Voices and Hands

This Caribbean Voices and Hands blog page is a feature of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics web site for members. This blog is a place where ideas can be presented and discussed--briefly. As the title suggests, this medium deals with issues of language in the Caribbean, including both spoken and signed languages.


In order for an SCL member to contribute a blog entry, please send your very brief essay to the SCL Publications Officer at publications@scl-online.net. Please include a suggested title of the blog entry and up to several paragraphs of what you want to say.


When someone posts a blog entry on some aspect of language in the Caribbean, any SCL member can participate in the discussion. If you want to automatically receive notices any time a new blog entry is posted or any time someone adds to the discussion, click on the RSS button.


Here are some guidelines as to the content of this blog: -

  • Blog posts and comments should focus on relevant language issues. 
  • Contributions should be succinct, positive and conversational in tone. 
  • Be very careful to avoid anything that might sound like a personal attack on some individual or institution. 
  • Comments should be concise and relate directly to the content of a post. 
  • Blog entries or comments that do not conform to these guidelines will either be disallowed, deleted or edited.


  • 21 May 2017 1:01 PM | Publications Officer (Administrator)

    Please watch this space. We will be posting our first blog entry in a short while!

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